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Speaker Lineup

Unbelievable lineup of speakers that are proven winners in the natural living industry

Aura Lily Campbell

Rising Rose
Meditation & Mindfulness

Ben Azadi

Author, Speaker, Founder of Keto Kamp
The Reversal of Destiny

Dr. Alexandra Mayer

Ethos Integrative Medicine
Confident Strong and Beautiful

Zamanta Archibold

Za Yoga LIfe
Find Your Best You

Carol Smith

Director of Transformation
Essential Oils A Natural Solution That Helps Reduce Toxic Load and More

Cindy Holt

Holt Holistic Healing
My Healing Journey

Dani La Barrie

Affinity Care
Happiness, Freedom & Self Fulfillment

Dawn Krueger - Sherin

Life Harmony Wellness
Renew your Mind & Transform your Life

Deborah Btesh

Acupuncture Physician
I am a licensed AP (Acupuncture Physician) but I'm Really PI (Private Investigator)

Devin Burke

Sleep Science Coach
Unlocking the Power of Sleep

Dr. Dan Pompa

Cellular Healing Expert
Fix the Cell to Get Well

Dr. Hadas Hilewitz

Lotus Rain Naturopathic Clinic
The Basics and Essence of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Lance Morris

Wholistic Family Medicine
Ancient/Science based Discovery that’s Essential for Optimization of Health and Well-Being

Lynn Migdal

The Fabulous Flow Doctor
The Hidden Causes of Inflammation

Jed Shlackman

PsychoEnergetic Healling
Why Energy Healing is a Poweful Resource to Help Maintain Health and Harmony In Our Lives

Dr. Peter Kan

Functional Medicine Doctor
Healing Autoimmunity With The Brain Immune Gut Connection

Georges Cordoba

You can Move your Mouintains

Janet Mcconell

Galaxy Girl Fitness
The Hidden Causes of Inflammation

Matthew Hernandez

Ethos Integrative Medicine
Regain Your Independence

Joel Olmstead

An Algorithm for Sustainable Change

Theresa Pganini

The Monarch Effect
The Plight of The Emotional Eater...There's Hope Yet

Sandra Sadon

listen to your voice
Anatomy of the Soul

Dr. Ruth Roberts

Your Pets Ally
Teaching Old Dogs (& Cats) New Tricks

Rico Caveglia

Ageless Living Lifestyle
The most devastating challenge human beings are facing

Dr. Raymond Tolmos

Frontier Spine and Health Care
Western Diagnosis and Holistic Treatment. The best of both worlds.

Peter Swartz

YOUnique Alchemy
Be Thee Change

Monica Dabney

Monica Dabney, A.P.
Understanding Anxiety & Depression

Christine Howard

Christine Howard Coaching
It’s Time to Make A Radiant Shift: An unapologetic approach to get out of frenzy, step into the flow and live life turned on!

Daniel the Healer

Daniel the Healer
You and Your Chakras

Dayan Garcia

Luv n Health
Maternal Mental Health and Our Future

Dr. Michelle Wolford

Dr. Michelle Wolford
Becoming SuperHuman; Avoid Your Disease Destiny

Dr. Roxie Strand

Creative Healing Solutions
Burnout Nation

Dr. Roopa Chari

Chari Center of Health
Weight Loss for Women over 40

Dr. YungJu Lee

Sarang Method
Coming out of the closet as a spirit being

Joanna Foley

Joanna Foley Nutrition
Food as Medicine-An Integrative approach to managing your health

Joanne Klepal

Live Your Yellow Brick Road
How Cold Drinks Impact Your Health

Joelene Lemke

Joelene Lemke
Post Pregnancy and Diastase Recti

Jonni Khat

The Narrative Change
Healing Bodies, Healing Minds: From Zombiepocalypse of Chronic Stress and Illness to Healing Our Nation

Kendra Whitmire

Sunshine Nutrition & Wellness
5 Ways to Optimize Your Gut Health

Kristina Cole

Kristina Cole Integrative Health
Stress & Hormones

Lilly Padilla

Lilly Padilla Holistic Nutrition
Cancer Prevention & Balancing the Microbiome

Lisa Falls

Lisa Falls Art Therapy
The Power of Connection

Lisa Douthit

Lisa Douthit - Wellness Warrior
The One Thing You Need To Know To Get The Life And Health You Want

Deepak Chari

Chari Center of Health
Emotional Healing for Women

Andy Hsieh

Movement Reborn
Unlocking your body's potential to train pain-free

Dr. Alisha Bhatia

Dr. Alisha, ND
Hormones-Labs & Solutions, Not Just pills

Dr. Rhonda Steinke

Health Through Prana
Pranic Healing; taking health into your own hands

Missy Hoffman

The Body Intuitive
Embodied Awareness and Intimate Connection

Trinity Richardson

Trinity Richardson
Ayhuasca 101 - The Miracle Plant

Teresa Young

Life Coaching with Teresa Young
Natural Living Topics

Jason Edwards

Rebel Herbs
Natural Living Topics

Ana Poirer

Yoga Body Nutrition
Natural Living Topics

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About The Natural Living App

The Natural Living App (NLA) is a resource for people interested in health and healing to find relevant articles, videos, livestreams, and other content from experts on various topics and modalities.

The NLA seeks to connect experts with consumers and give them answers to their pressing health and/or healing questions. The NLA is connected with what we call the Original Content Program, where our company shoots 15-minute TED-style talks which can only be experienced inside the app. The Original Content Program is all part of the Natural Living Tour which is designed for a professional film crew to travel travel across the United States, Canada, and beyond, to collect powerful health and healing messages from around the world.

The NLA is poised to be one of the fastest growing resources for consumers to engage with health and healing content in very powerful, transformative ways.


Besides joining the NLA as an expert you can be a part of other aspects of the app by participating on one of the projects we have launched and is connected to the NLA in some small or BIG way:


The Natural Living Tour (Series 2)

The Natural Living Tour featured 60+ experts in natural living giving TEDx-style talks from 4 cities (San Diego, Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles) in the U.S. These talks were later streamed through the Natural Living App. The 2nd tour kicks off and has added a ton more value by combining a tour, expert insights, viral marketing and more.

The Natural Living Directory

Using our incredible and unique Tracka'Book tracking system built into the NLA, you can advertise your business in the Directory through either a 2-page listing and special offer code that users track and get deals directly from you or a full page color ad to market something you have while also being listed in the book. This directory concept has the potential to reach 10's of thousands of people with a minimum of 5000 books being put into circulation. This is an amazing and inexpensive way to be a part of the NLA and beyond!

AMPx Workshop & Training

One of the most exciting projects connected to The NLA is our one to two day training event where we teach you how to move your business and message into the mobile app space and how to leverage apps like The NLA to share your message, engage with more people and ultimately make more money. If you have any plans to use apps as a marketing tool then this is a MUST event to attend.

3 Ways to Join

We have two rules in being a part of this app as an expert:
All content needs to be uplifting, positive and focused on making a difference in people's lives (no negative, hateful, racist, or political content)You need to have a website that shows you are a personal growth teacher in some way
Look at the options below to join at different levels of teaching and participation.

Basic Listing
Create an Account, List Your Business and Offer Your Programs

Our Basic Listing sets you up with a listing in the app where when someone touches that listing they will be taken to a special offer from you.

Promote a program, event, coaching program, product or whatever you've got going on at the time. You can change this offer whenever you want. Simple, effective and inexpensive way to participate in the NLA (Cost is $199 for 1-year).

"Click on the "Natural Living Speaking Tour - Discovery Call" option

Full Profile
Create an Account, Share Content and Engage with our Users

This is by far the most effective and most popular option to be in the NLA. We set you up with your own FULL Profile account which allows you to offer ongoing content to our audience and give them ways to connect and engage with you directly. Do you have existing content or create content consistently? This is perfect for you.

Cost is $995 for 1-year in the app and a FREE ticket to an AMPx Event to learn how you can effectively make money with your app account ($199 value).

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Educator / Trainer
Come to our Event & Teach an Hour Long Training That We Livestream

One of the features in the app that we will be focusing on through 2020 is the Educators / Trainings section of the app where we livestream broadcast and feature trainings from high level leaders. We offer this only 3-times a year at 3-locations (you'll teach live - a 60 minute training) and it is limited to 5 experts per location.

Cost is $1,997 and gives you exposure to our entire app audience in an exclusive category. Includes FULL Profile listing and AMPx Event Ticket. Subject to approval.

"Click on the "Natural Living Speaking Tour - Discovery Call" option

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Educator Roles


$95/month (Educator) 12-month contract required, Max 10 spots available (normally $195, so 50% off!)
We will give you an educator role where you can provide one pre-recorded livestream per quarter to be live-streamed (plus push notification). This can be a training of up to 45 minutes in length. You can make offers on this livestream.We will give you a dedicated channel under Nutrition, Fitness or Mindset, where you can post as much as you like.We will feature you in a monthly "Educator Roundup" email which highlights new content on your channel. You agree to publish new content on your channel weekly.

Master Educator

$195/month (Master Educator) 12-month contract required, Max 10 spots available (normally $495, so 50% off!)

Everything in Level 1, but including:
1 Livestream per month instead of just 1x per quarter relevant to your channel.Voucher worth $495 voucher for our new Summit Now app, to launch their own summit in 2020.50% off natural living directory ($249) ($1000 normally. $495 for 1st edition, so here, $500 value)We will send out one email to our list to encourage to join the livestream 1 hour before the livestream occurs.Participation in our next Natural Living Tour Livestream series (Underway now) $495

Add-ons for either

Add our VA Service for 60% off at $39/mo for 12 monthsAdd ONE Clickfunnels funnel for $99 (normally $199) or our 6 Essential Funnel Pack for $499 (normally $1199)

New VA service

$49/mo early adopter (Normally $99/month)
We will load your articles/blogs, youtube or vimeo videos, experiences, products, and events into the app for you. Just provide the links to scrape and links for Calls To Action and once per week we will scrape them and add all your content.